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Plantain or Wonton Chips3.00

House Salad2.50

House salad with your choice of dressing:

  • Zen’s House Dressing
  • Black Sesame
  • Spicy Mango

Sides of saucePrice Varies

Potsticker sauce, lemon mustard, Cuban mustard aioli:  $0.25

Spicy tartar sauce:  $0.50

Big side of Zen Forrest dressing:  $0.75

3oz of General Tso, sesame , orange, Thai Coconut curry, brown sauce, garlic sauce, coconut zing:  $1.50

3oz of Szechwan cracked peppercorn and garlic steak sauce:  $3.25

Half pint of any of the sauces:  $3.50

Pint of any of the sauces:  $6.00

Wasabi Mashed Potatoes3.00

Steamed Jasmine Rice2.95

Wok tossed garlic and sea salt broccoli4.50

Wok tossed Asian vegetable melody4.95