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Children's Meals

Fried Rice (China)8.75

Your choice of tasty barbecued pork roast (char siu), chicken, or shrimp tossed up in a sizzling wok with Jasmine rice, sweet peas, green and red onions, eggs, and crisp sprouts.

General Tso’s, Tangy Orange, or Sesame Chicken (China)8.75

Lightly battered all-natural chicken breast fried to a golden crisp, slices, and served with one of these classic sauces on the side for you to dip your chicken in.


  • General Tso
  • Tangy Orange Zested
  • Sesame

Served with broccoli and steamed jasmine rice.

Lo Mein (China) Noodles7.00

Plain lo mein noodles and sauce.

Lo Mein (China) Noodles8.75

Your choice of tasty barbecued roast pork (char siu), or Chicken, Or Shrimp, or tofu served with soft egg noodles and vegetables which are tossed in a sizzling wok, finished with crisp sprouts.