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How about a little red wine? Have you tried Garnacha?

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Spicy, berry flavored, and soft on the palate . . . yes, please!

We are talking about Grenache or Garnacha.  It’s such an underrated grape, especially considering that it is one of the most widely planted red wine grape varieties in the world.  With characteristic flavor profiles of raspberry and strawberry, and a subtle, white pepper spice note, it’s no surprise that it’s natural pairing partner is Syrah/Shiraz (a common practice for Cotes du Rhone blends from France, as well as GSM blends from Australia).  When it’s not making a supporting appearance in French wines, this globe trotting red grape can be found in the wines of Spain.  Taste why we love this trendy and flavorful red wine.  Order a bottle of Xiloca the next time you are dining with us at Zen Forrest.  We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the pairing versatility of this red wine.



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