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Reservations at Zen Forrest


Reservations are recommended on Friday and Saturday evenings, and for parties with more than five guests.

Private dining room available.  Perfect for any business need or private celebration.*  Contact us for further information.

To make a reservation, please call us.

Hours of operation:

Monday – Thursday :     11:30 – 9:30
Friday & Saturday :     11:30 – 10:00
Sunday :     Closed

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Event Descriptions

Zen Forrest Friday Night Fish Fry – Take Home Special

4148 Rowan Rd NPR FL 34653
Only available from 4 pm – 6 pm Friday Night Only

Fresh and made to order!
Every Friday Night Special 4 to 6 pm
For a limited time

Feed a family of four for only $35.00
($65 if ordered separately)

Your Carry out only Dinner Includes:

1 order of Zen Rolls (4 pieces)
(Vegetable Zen Rolls are available)
1 pound of Beer Battered Cod
Served with a Siracha, lime tartar sauce
1 Large Zen Forrest house salad with choice of dressing

Zen Forrest House
Black sesame vinaigrette
1 large Green Goddess Rice or Vegetable Fried Rice

Please choose one:

Green Goddess Rice: A green veggie dense fried rice of spinach, broccoli, edamame, green peas, Napa cabbage, onions, scallions and bean sprouts.


Chinese Vegetable Fried Rice.

Fresh baked cookies (4)
English toffee & chocolate cookies

Zen Forrest Happy Family

Take Home Special – Call 727-372-9545
4148 Rowan Rd NPR FL 34653
Only available from 4 pm – 6 pm Tuesdays thru Thursdays
Feed a family of four for only $29.
($55 if ordered separately)
Carry out only

1 order of Zen Rolls (4 pieces)
(Vegetable Zen Rolls are available)

2 Whole Chicken breasts (1 pound)
Tofu steaks that are lightly dusted with rice flour & pan fried (1 pound)

Lightly marinated all natural chicken breast lightly battered and fried, served with sauce of your choice
(Sauce served separately to retain crispiness):

  • General Tso’s
  • Sesame
  • Zesty Orange

1 Large Zen Forrest house salad with choice of dressing:

  • Zen Forrest House
  • Black sesame vinaigrette

1 large Green Goddess Rice or Vegetable Fried Rice
Please choose one:
Green Goddess Rice: A green veggie dense fried rice of spinach, broccoli, edamame, green peas, Napa cabbage, onions, scallions and bean sprouts.
Chinese Vegetable Fried Rice.

Fresh baked cookies (4)
English toffee & chocolate cookies

Zen Forrest and Barley Mow Brewing Company want to celebrate beer week with you with a special menu and some amazing beers!

Join us ‪Wednesday March 8th at 6pm for‬
6 Beers and 5 courses

Chef Victor is sourcing local farms for this special event and pairing each course perfectly with an amazing beer from Barley Mow Brewery.

Everyone gets a beer to start off the night‪! Arrive by 6 PM‬ and get a special aperitif beer!

Beer Pairing Menu
Shanghai Roasted Beer-Wings
Chicken wings marinated with ginger, anise, hoisin, white pepper and slow roasted in the oven, with steamed broken rice

Citrus Beer Dressing Salad
Fresh greens and fennel from “Freedom House Farms” roasted golden and bulls blood beets finished with a Barley Mow beer vinaigrette

Szechuan Duck Confit
A French classic prepared with Szechuan peppercorns and lots of garlic with duck fat poached new potatoes from “Freedom House Farms”

Malaysian Beef Sliders
Local grass-fed beef from “Providence Cattle Co” gently simmered for hours in a dry curry. A preparation that is one of Malaysia’s most well known dishes. Served in a steamed bao (Asian bun) garnished with fresh kaffir lime leaf and scallion slivers and roasted beef bone marrow

Blueberry Baklava
First of the season blueberries from “Starkey Blueberry Farm” in Trinity, layered between phyllo, local wildflower honey, and fresh goat cheese from local farm “The Dancing Goat‪”‬

Wednesday, March 8, 2017, 6PM
45.00 per person includes:
6 beers, 5 courses, tax and gratuity!

This event is has limited space and tickets need to be pre-paid and are non-refundable.

Zen Forrest ‪4148 Rowan Rd New Port Richey‬

Please call for your ticket 727-372-9545


Valentine’s Day Is Tuesday, February 14, 2017.  Make reservations for our SPECIAL Aphrodisiac Menu:

This feast is made for sharing; each course (one plate of each) will be brought out one at a time. 

Course 1

Lovers Embrace

Savory pistachio-basil-horny goat weed panna cotta with roasted tomatoes.Puff pastry tart filled with roasted asparagus and gruyere cheese .Premium northern oysters roasted with parmesan-peppercorn cream sauce and chives topped with caviar

Course 2

A Picnic in the Garden

Super fresh greens and sprouts for an energy booster.Tangerine ginger vinaigrette made with local honey with fresh morning picked local salad greens “Freedom house farms” and assorted sprouts served in a tomato basket

Course 3

Aphrodite’s Offering

Caramelized sea scallops with a creamy saffron sauce, herb butter poached prawns, Pan-seared snapper with Szechuan scallion pesto, angel hair vermicelli

Course 4

The Kamasutra

A pair of Filet Mignon medallions infused with spices inspired by the teachings of Kamasutra (ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, clove and honey) on top of the pair is an oyster cream sauce with maca and purple mashed potatoes

Course 5

Dolce Baci

Chocolaté mousse cake, blueberry sorbet, fresh strawberries, chocolate crunch component,whipped cream, edible flowers, white balsamic strawberry and basil seed coulé

Valentine’s Day Tuesday February 14th

Champagne Toast is included

60.00 per person Beverage, tax, and gratuity are not included

Limited seating call to make reservations or for more information

727 372 9545

Zen Forrest

Where East Meets West 

 Chinese New Year – The Year of the Rooster!


Zen Forrest will have some specials to celebrate!  Mark your calendars and set your alarms, the Chinese New Year Specials will run from January 27th – February 2, 2017.

The specials you can expect to see are traditional Chinese New Year dishes designed to bring good luck, good health and wealth!


Lucky Dumplings

Dumplings / pot stickers, have been eaten during Chinese New Year for centuries because the shape resembles ancient Chinese money.  The idea being that you will have fortune for the New Year

Lucky dumplings are filled with seasoned crab & pork then pan-fried served with ginger-red-vinegar  9.00

Spring Rolls

Although you can get spring rolls just about any-time, any-where, it has been a favorite New Years celebration food since the Tang dynasty (600a.d.) Spring rolls were given as gift to family and loved ones to usher in the coming of spring which is usually right around the beginning of the new Year.

Wild Mushroom Spring Rolls

Sautéed mushrooms (shitake, porcini, oyster and enoki) bamboo shoots and carrots rolled into spring roll shell, fried until crispy, served with caramelized onion marmalade 9.50


Main Course

Crispy Pan-fried Whole Fish

The word fish in Chinese sounds a lot like the word Abundance.  Which is what you want to have throughout the new year.

Pan-fried fresh Branzino (Mediterranean Sea Bass) sweet, mild and flaky,  lightly seasoned and pan-fried, topped with ginger, scallions, cilantro, and Chinese celery then drizzled with a soy and sweet rice wine Market Price

Happy Family

This is a classic American Chinese dish, how can you have a celebration and not have a dish called  “Happy Family”

Happy Family

A happy union of, sliced chicken, sliced beef, jumbo shrimp, giant scallops, sliced roast pork and mixed veggies wok tossed in a Classic brown sauce  21.00

Longevity Noodles

Noodles have been a part of Chinese culture for over 4000 years and are symbolic of a long healthy life.  Therefore long noodles (the longer the better) are eaten during celebrations and birthdays.

Don’t Cut Your Noodles!

Long-life Noodles

Wok tossed Yi-Mein noodles (yellow chewy noodles the a spongy characteristic)wok tossed with shrimp, chicken, and roast pork with snow peas, and bok choy in a savory brown sauce 15.00 


  • Vanilla, red bean and green tea ice Cream cake
  • Neapolitan Cake
  • Peanut butter Tart
  • Deep Dark Chocolate Mousse



  • Tasty Tuesdays:  Zen Forrest will be back!  We will be featuring:
    • Salad Dressing (Fan Favorite!)
    • Kim Chi
    • Cookies
    • Cupcakes

About Tasty Tuesdays:

Tasty Tuesdays Community Market is located in the courtyard of the New Port Richey Community Library at 5939 Main Street, on the corner of Madison in New Port Richey. Open every Tuesday from 10am to noon, it’s a great place to shop for locally grown food and handmade crafts.

Happy Family Coming Back By Popular Demand!


Happy FamilyDinner? We’ve got you covered! Try our Happy Family Special!

Every Tuesday Through Thursday 4pm to 6pm.

Place your order and come pick it up.
Call us tonight 727-372-9545




3rd Annual Hawaiian Luau

Our third annual Hawaiian Luau. This dinner will be served Luau style (buffet) with community seating. A Luau is a gathering of family and friends to enjoy savory food, and great times. So grab you’re aloha shirt, muumuu, “pa’u” or sarong and join us on August 28th at 5:30.

Pricing and menu are below.

Hawaii is the newest of the 50 U.S. states (Aug 21, 1959) and is the only U.S. state to be made up entirely of islands.  It is a melting pot of cultures from around the world, with influences from the Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Koreans, Portuguese and America to name a few


Kalua Pork – Traditionally a whole pig is seasoned, wrapped in banana or ti leaves and slow cooked, buried in the ground with fired river rocks for almost a whole day.  My version will be encrusted in sea salt and slow cooked in a special oven (county code prohibits burying of food under parking lots)

Lomi Lomi Salmon – A traditional Luau dish of cured salmon, tomatoes, and onions

Ahi Poke – Poke is the combining of Hawaiian and Japanese taste for fresh raw fish.  It is considered local food or “local grind” Ahi Tuna, seaweed, scallions and cucumbers

Poi – Taro Root Mash – Taro is the potato of Hawaii.  Taro is so important it is said to be “the elder sibling to Hawaiian people” “A life force”

Musabi – A popular local snack food usually consisting of spam, sushi rice, and nori

Hawaiian Fried Rice – Here’s one example of Chinese/Hawaiian melding. Traditional fried rice with pineapple, onions and house made Chinese bacon.

Huli Huli Chicken – Hawaii’s very popular barbeque chicken

Seaweed Salad – Your salad does not have to always come from the ground.  Hawaii’s abundance of pristine coastline provides locals with a variety of sea vegetables.  A medley of seaweeds tossed with cucumbers and light miso dressing

Hawaiian Sweet Rolls – Dinner rolls sweetened topped with a pineapple butter

Christmas Flower Haupia – Coconut custard sweetened with local Tampa honey

 Sunday August 28th  5:30pm ~ Reservations only

 45.00 per person plus beverages, tax & gratuity

727 372 9545

Retro Zen
The Throw Back
A Retro Chinese Dinner Menu to Celebrate Father’s Day

We've GotSomething SpecialCooking' For Father's Day!Starters

Get Old-Schooled- PuPu Platter for Two

Shrimp toast, shanghai spring rolls, spare ribs, teriyaki beef skewer bacon & pork stuffed fried wontons, sweet and sour pork 16.00

Egg drop Soup

Traditional egg drop soup (minus the food coloring)             4.00

All entrees include fresh crispy noodles and “duck sauce” aka plum sauce, 

steamed rice or fried rice



Shrimp and Lobster Sauce

Classic American Chinese dish. Shrimp wok tossed in our classic white sauce, garlic, ginger, fermented black beans and eggs 12.00

Kung Pow Chicken

Marinated chicken chunks wok tossed with broccoli, water-chestnuts celery and onions in kung pow spicy sauce topped with wok roasted peanuts 12.00

Mongolian Beef

Marinated sliced steak wok tossed with ginger and scallions in brown sauce topped with crisp rice vermicelli  12.00

Mushu with your choice of Pork, Chicken, Shrimp, or Veggie’s

Wok tossed shredded cabbage, carrots, bamboo shoots served with steamed crepes and plum sauce  12.00

Chop Suey with Your Choice of Steak or Chicken 

Sliced marinated steak or chicken wok tossed with bean sprouts, local mixed veggies and water-chestnuts in a thick sauce 12.00


Green tea and honey cheesecake  4.75

Guinness cake topped with a Bailey’s Irish Cream Frosting   4.50

Happy Father’s Day from all of us here at Zen Forrest

Sunday June 19th

Open 1pm to 6pm


Monday Night PHO

Zen Thursday 6 2 16 CanvaEvery Monday night from 4pm to 9pm (for a limited time) we will be featuring this special menu in addition to our full dinner menu 

Start your meal off with our fresh Vietnamese Summer Roll, and then choose what kind of PHO you want 


Vietnamese summer roll filled with the fresh vegetables, rice vermicelli and herbs served with a peanut sauce

Choose which type of PHO you want:

 Beef Pho 

Fresh rice noodles in a large bowl of rich beef consommé spiked with herbs and spices and layered with thin slices of braised beef short rib and sliced steak served with onions, scallions and cilantro


Veggie Pho

Fresh rice noodles in a vegetarian broth made with mushrooms and vegetables, rich and savory topped tofu, fresh spinach and greens and mushrooms



Fresh rice noodles, in a chicken and beef broth spiked with Cajun herbs and spices Andouille sausage and Cajun blackened chicken and okra


Menudo Pho

Fresh rice noodles, in a Mexican style beef broth, spiked with Mexican herbs, spices, roasted guajillo, and ancho peppers with tripe and beef short rib, and hominy. Finished with fresh chopped cilantro, onions and lime


 Seafood Pho

Fresh rice noodles in a seafood and shrimp broth with mussels, squid, shrimp and fish garnished with fresh onions, cilantro and scallions

13.50 Plus tax and Gratuity

The Perfect Storm

2nd Annual Big Storm Tasting

SUNDAY, MAY 22, 2016
Zen Forrest – Big Storm Brewery
Beer Pairing & Dinner

Course 1
Wild Red Shrimp Ceviche
Wild caught Argentinean red shrimp cooked by the acids of citrus juices, blood orange, lime, calamondin orange, with fresh herbs and olive oil with garlic boiled potato

Course 2
Roast Oysters Pontchartrain
Roasted oysters topped with a Cajun sauce of mushrooms, crab, shrimp and Cajun spices and seasoning then roasted again

Course 3
Poutine is a French-Canadian dish of potato fries topped with cheese curd and gravy. Our fries will be topped with beer braised short rib, and reduction of the braising liquid and fresh local curds from Pam Lunn “the dancing goat farm”

Duck Chorizo Tacos
House made duck sausage with chorizo spiced, wrapped in fresh made corn tortillas with lettuce, tomatoes, and queso

Drunken Munchie Bread Pudding
IPA crème brulee, an IPA bread pudding with caramel popcorn, pretzels, candied peanuts, chocolate chunks and bacon

Ride The Wave!Catch the Storm Sunday May 22, 2016 5:30 P.M.

To ride this Wave you must have a ticket

Tickets can be purchased at Zen Forrest:
– By email:
– Over the Phone: 727-372-9545
– In Person: 4148 Rowan Rd NPR 34653

$48.75 per person. This price includes food, beer, tax and gratuity

Due to limited space this event is a Non-refundable event

For directions and other contact information, please visit the contact us page.

*PLEASE NOTE:  A fee will apply for any outside cakes/cupcakes or other desserts brought into Zen Forrest.  As well as a corkage fee for outside wine.  Please call for more information, or ask your server for details.