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Christmas Eve Dinner Specials

Chef Victor’s Christmas Eve Dinner Specials 
Main Course(s)
Served with house salad: Choice of House dressing or Black sesame dressing
Florida Grouper 
Florida Grouper grilled topped with Chinese bacon, snow peas, and Chinese Garlic Black Bean Sauce. Served with a side of steamed rice 24.00
Roti and Lamb
Lamb shank braised in our blend of coconut milk and spices with wilted baby spinach and roti flatbread (an Indian style flaky, buttery flatbread) 23.00
Christmas Lamb (limited amount available)
Lamb Shank seasoned with warm holiday spices and served in a rich French demi-glace. Served with seasonal Brussels sprouts and roasted potatoes. 24.00
Fresh Catch
Scottish Salmon, Snapper Market Price
Pistachio Cheesecake 7.00
Coconut Panna Cotta and Fresh Fruit 5.95
Deep Dark Chocolate Mousse 5.95
Sinful Peanut Butter Tart 5.95
Zen Forrest Is Open Until 8:30 pm on Christmas Eve

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